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In-Services Training

Tirsia Tactical is a recognized industry leader for law enforcement training and we are committed to providing contract in-service training services. We offer a complete standardized curriculum in use of force, defensive tactics, firearms and close quarter combatives that align with current industry best practices.

Selecting Tirsia Tactical as your training service vendor, you become one of our valued Strategic Partner Agencies (SPA). As an SPA, the option of maintaining the training in-service so the Curriculum is specifically tailored or if attrition is small, the Interagency Recruit Training Intake may be the more feasible option.



Become a Partner

The Strategic Partner Agency (SPA) sets their own recruiting & hiring standards and designating basic recruits for training. The SPA elects to maintain their current Use of Force program or tasks Tirsia Tactical with delivering a tailored In-Service program.


In-Service Training

The In-Service training is facilitated by Tirsia Tactical. Basic Recruit / New Hire as needed and scheduled annual recertifications. We manage the entire program so SPA's can focus on their main operations and not be inundated with training logistics.


Interagency Training

New Hires have been onboarded by their agency and are enrolled into a semiannual Basic Recruit Intake with a standardized curriculum which is open to interagency. Upon completion, all Basic Recruits return to their agency for their next phase


Training Catalog

Online Training Video Library

Basic Recruit Training Program

Subject Control & DT Program

Subject Control & DT Instructor 

Edged Weapon Countermeasures

Authorized to Carry (ATC) Course

Pistol Operator Course

Pistol Instructor Course

Carbine Operator Course

Carbine Instructor Course

Loss Prevention Agent Course

Security Doorstaff Course

Use of Force SOP Development

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