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In-Service Training


Tirsia Tactical offers contract in-service training for Strategic Partner Agencies (SPA) from basic recruit intakes and recertifications in defensive tactics and firearms. 

SPA's may elect to continue delivering their current in-service program or have Tirsia Tactical modernize and manage the program accountability.

Our Curriculum Training Standard can be tailored to meet the training needs of the SPA. The Curriculum is reviewed frequently and modified as needed to align with current best practices.


The Strategic Partner Agency (SPA) sets their own standards in recruiting and designating basic recruits for training. All recruits must meet their agency's recruitment standards.



The Benefits

Transfer of Risk & Liability

Reduction in use of force incidents

Planned Basic Recruit Training

Scheduled Annual Recertifications

Enhanced officer confidence

Training Program Management


Program Features

Legal Aspects & Use of Force

Conflict Management

Arrest & Control Tactics

Intermediate Weapons Training

Weapon Retention & Defense

Firearms Training



Training Record Management

Agency Support

On-Staff Subject Matter Experts

Competency-Based Evaluations

Performance Measurements

Full-Time Instructors

Offered Locations

At SPA's location or offsite

Program Contact

Chris Mandigma

Program Registration


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