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Police, law enforcement and

protective services training and consulting.

Why Enroll in Our Training Programs?


Tirsia Tactical is recognized by various agencies of the Government of Canada as a vetted training vendor.

Transfer of Risk

Tirsia Tactical is highly-capable of managing an agency's training program through development and delivery thus mitigating risk to an organization by transfer of risk.

Extreme Efficiency

Tirsia Tactical has developed an extremely efficient process in serving our client agencies from booking through to course delivery and facilitation.

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About Tirsia Tactical

We aim to keep current and aligned with best industry practices. 

Tirsia Tactical is founded on 2 working pillars: training delivery services and consultation on use of force program policies for police, law enforcement and protective service agencies.

As new trends emerge and tactics evolve, we aim to keep current and aligned with best industry practices.

“Self-control is strength.
Right thought is mastery.
Calmness is power.”

James Allen

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