I have trained over the years with six different instructors from various schools various thought processes and I'm going to say now unequivocally that you are a fantastic instructor! I see now why C.G. says anytime he can make one of your courses he runs to them the way you articulate and explain them and the way you also keep it simple is outstanding.

- Ed

I had such an amazing experience here at Pekiti Tirsia Tactics and was apart of the Use Of Force Instructor Course. The knowledge and information Chris has an had provided to me along with others within the program is on a whole other level. Rather then just reading from the textbook, Chris gives you the opportunity to learn hands on and is always more then happy to help you with anything you are unsure of. You can tell Chris has put alot of time and effort into creating this program and it is one of a kind. I %100 will be returning.

- Tyler

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my introduction into Pekiti Tersia Tactics from Chris Mandigma. He is a great instructor, and teaches the art in an easy to understand and constructive manner. As the number of armed criminals continually increases, the skills learned are priceless for safety. I am looking forward to many more seminars with Chris.

- Anonymous, Toronto Police Service

This company offers high quality, leading edge tactical training to government agencies and security professionals. I took the Use of Force Instructor certification with Chris and his professional conduct, knowledge, skill sets and ease of understanding was incredible. I highly recommend any course that he or others within his company offer.

- Anonymous, Canadian Armed Forces

I came upon Chris while looking for training opportunities online and took his advanced impact weapons seminar, I was instantly hooked and found myself taking the edged weapons counter measures and use of force instructor course. Chris style of teaching is engaging and he has the knowledge, background and relevant field experience to make his training a huge asset to law enforcement and security staff.

- Ben

Pekiti Tirsia Tactics is a leading edge defence company. The lead instructor has great knowledge and experience coupled with an ability to easily convey that into instruction that’s perfect for everyone. Whether you’re law enforcement, military, or civilian, Pekiti Tirsia Tactics can meet your needs.

- Anonymous