OTTAWA, ON     |     JULY 17-20, 2023 



Length: 4 Days

Length: July 17-20, 2023 | 0830-1630 hrs

The Security Instructor Course (SIC) is the pinnacle of instructor courses for security training in Canada. Founded on the fundamentals of the TRICOM system, the 4-day course will cover topics considered as best industry practices with applications aligning with the National Use of Force Framework in Canada.


Whether you are an in-house security instructor for a security services provider or a freelance training provider, the course training standard developed for this course cannot be replicated in delivery.

In this 4-day certification course, it focuses on required legal responsibilities that pertain to licensed security professionals from provincial legislation to federal statute law and how it ties in with the application of force.

The Course maintains a performance assessment component and all participants must attend all modules, exhibit a clear understanding and demonstrate proficiency in the techniques to successfully complete the course.

The Use of Force Security Instructor's Course is a modernized defensive tactics curriculum that develops instructors on not just what to teach, but HOW TO TEACH. We understand the global culture that security guards,  police officers and military operators simply do not get enough training for an occupation that can have fatal outcomes and can impact a number of lives. The methods of instruction we use has proven to be effective in information retention as the program will cover the following:

  • Arrest, Control & Custody applications

  • Empty-hand Striking

  • Subject Control Dynamics

  • Expandable Baton


The Use of Force Security Instructor's Course curriculum aligns with the National Use of Force Framework and subscribes to best practices in use by law enforcement agencies in Canada. The technical applications are founded on the TRICOM system which is widely used by various law enforcement agencies, military special forces, and presidential protective services globally including a specialized unit of the RCMP and 3 other Canadian Federal agencies.

A strong benefit in subscribing to the Program is the transfer of risk and liability in the development of a stand-alone internal defensive tactics program. Tirsia Tactical assumes the responsibility of the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP) of the program and is designed to defend the program during any judicial process. Upon the successful completion of the course, the Instructor Candidate will receive the Instructor's PowerPoint and Points of Instruction.


  • Candidates must either be licensed security guards, active or retired constables, military or vetted civilians.

  • Candidates are not permitted to instruct the program for commercial purposes.

  • All candidates must be able to attend and participate in the entirety of the course and have the ability to engage in intensive training.

  • Must not have any medical restrictions.

  • Instructor certification is valid for two (2) years.


  • Attire: training / rough duty shirt; BDU / cargo pants.

  • Gear: duty belt / full kit with handcuffs, handcuff key, baton scabbard, baton

  • Mats / indoor training shoes




  • Course tuition is $950. + tx per candidate

  • Upon receipt of Course Tuition, joining instructions will be sent out to each Candidate. 

  • For further information or to register, email us at info@tirsiatactical.com

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