BRANTFORD, ON     |     DECEMBER 11th, 2022 



Length: 1 Day

Length: December 11th, 2022 | 1000-1600hrs

Statistically, around 70% of defensive shootings happen between arms-reach and 10ft. The Close-Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics program (CQ-FIT) focuses on surviving lethal force encounters within these extremely close ranges, to include firearms and edged-weapon based assaults. To increase the probability of survival at these ranges, we train a full integration of empty-hand fighting, firearms, edged and impact weaponry.

This introductory CQ-FIT seminar from the TRICOM system is open to intermediate and advanced shooters. The classes are small to direct full attention to the shooters in this dynamic training environment. The seminar will address the contexts and applications of where Close-Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics are relevant.

CQ-FIT is currently integrated by a specialty branch of the RCMP and has been a part of their specialized program since 2021. 

​All participants MUST have the following for the seminar:

  • Valid RPAL - will be checked at the start of the course

  • Open to LE / MIL / Licensed Security only

  • Own semi-automatic pistol; minimum 3 magazines

  • Minimum 300 rds

  • Eye protection; ear protection; foam inserts (optional to participant)

  • Own holster that you have preferably trained with and used

  • Wear comfortable attire but avoid loose-neck tops; closed-toe footwear - no Crocs, sandals or heels.

  • Notepad, pen (optional)





  • Course fee is non-refundable but may be credited towards a future course in the event of cancellation

  • The Range at Urban Tactical | 18 Zatonski Ave., Brantford, ON N3V-1G1

  • Please arrive by 0930am to prepare and get settled in

  • Course tuition is $300. + tx per candidate

  • For inquiries or information, email us at info@tirsiatactical.com